As you are watching a game live on your device, you will be able to go back and watch the play over again in slow motion or frame-by-frame, never missing a play. 

At any point during the movie, you can go back and watch a fight scene over again in slow motion or frame-by-frame, with just a swipe or tap on the screen.


Just by swiping the headset or using the hand controls, you can fully control the speed, direction, and frame of any 360 or 180-degree video content on any Virtual Reality headset.

Mobile App Demo
Mobile Demo

Download our mobile player demo on either the App Store or Google Play below. You will find multiple categories of videos pre-installed on the app, all videos will allow you to demo our touchscreen video control technology as it will work when 5G is fully implemented. 

app store.png


Four years ago, the neo 5G team was determined to figure out a better way to control video. After 12 months of R&D, we came up with a groundbreaking solution that takes any video format and, after encoding it with the neo 360 encoder, it will allow the end-user to have precise control of the speed, direction, and frame at which the video clip is played back.


neo 360 is now neo 5G, the first and only 5G touchscreen video player technology which enables the end-user to slow down, pause, reverse, forward, and go frame-by-frame with any live, or long-form video content on any 5G mobile network.


Over the past 3 years, the core touchscreen video clip control technology-- neo 360, has received multiple awards and critical acclaim across industries. Now with the power of 5G, users can fully control the speed, direction, and frame of any live or long-form video with just a swipe or tap on the screen.

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David Borish - Co-founder & CEO

David is a visionary and serial entrepreneur, David has spent his 16-year career devising innovative concepts that have shaken up multiple industries time and again. Focusing on going against the grain and figuring out solutions to problems that most aren't even aware of. 

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Brian Rock- Co-founder & VP


Brian is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development expert. Brian has worked directly with brands ranging from NASCAR to Playboy. Whether Brian is expanding a brand globally or bringing together partnerships nationally his knack for bringing the right teams together is second to none.

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Gustavo Sanabria - CTO

Gustavo is an expert in video and augmented reality technologies and has successfully created over 200 software solutions for clients including FedEx, Coca Cola, Disney, Ford, Volkswagen, AT&T, Pirelli Tires, Chevrolet, GM, Colgate.


Someone from the neo 5G team will reply within 24hrs. 

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